Senior Feet - Pedicures for Seniors Citizens, Diabetics and Disabled Persons
Seniors- Diabetic- Disabled-Hospice-Stroke- Alzheimer's-Dementia-COPD-Cancer and Heart patients are encourage to try our services. We are a in-home service provider.
  Senior Feet LLC is a  company that offers Safe & Sanitary Foot Care Services in the Hampton Roads Area.  We use disposable pedicure liners that protect our clients against the transfer of micro- organisms, bacteria, nail fungus and other nail diseases. Our services includes Pedicures, Manicures, Foot Soaks & Trims, Foot and Leg Circulation Massages and Hygiene Foot Washes with Callus Reduction Services. Our pedicure liners are thrown away after every use in view of each client. This ensures our customers that we care about their safety and concerns when they visit us!
Our tools are cleaned, disinfected and then sterilize by use of Autoclave Sterilization. This sterilization process  is the only means of disease prevention that can be verified by the client and guaranteed by the technician. 
Our goal at Senior Feet LLC is to provide our community with affordable and safe nail care services. We are proud to say that we are doctor recommended. Our physician referrals means a lot to us; because we have worked so hard to rebuild nail salon trust in the medical community in our area. 
Our technicians are license in the state of VA and is regulated by Virginia Department of Occupational Health.
They have been trained by our M.N.T on staff to recognized certain signs and medical conditions in reference to the feet. We will not perform any services that are not within our scope of practice. This includes ingrown toenail removal. This is considered a medical procedure and should only be perform by your podiatrist or primary care physician. If you do not have a physician- we have several in the area we can recommend you to.
Foot and Nail Care services are very important to family members of people who suffer from Alhezimers and Dementia. If you have any questions about how to manage their foot care needs don't hesitate to give Senior Feet a call.Senior Feet works closely with the senior, diabetic and disabled population. This includes people who are blind, in hospice or suffer from respiratory and heart related illness. If you have a love one who suffer from Alzheimer's or dementia. You can rest assure they are in good hands with us.Our technicians specializes in senior care needs. We take our time to trim your toenails, massage your feet and legs based on your comfort level. You never have to feel rushed when you come to  us. All of our services are schedule by APPT ONLY. This means you are first in line all the time.
If you have diabetes or is disabled- we welcome you to try our services. We offer preventative nail care services to help with routine nail care. This will help prevent against ingrown toenails, calluses, dead skin bacteria build up, foot odor, long poorly shaped toenails and much more. All services includes a FREE FOOT EXAMINATION. If you have large calluses or rough skin on the bottom of your feet it is important for you to know that we do not use a blade to remove or soften these problem areas. Blades could be more damaging to your skin and/or health. 
Come out and Enjoy this wonderful service. We welcome you with smiles, education and expertise. 
Call us today to get started.