SENIOR FEET® 


Senior Feet was started by a Podiatrist Assistant and Medical Nail Technician who has been in the health care industry for over 15 years. She decided to start a service that can help the Seniors, Diabetics and Disabled Persons in our community with cosmetic nail appearance, proper foot hygiene and nail trimming services at affordable prices. It was important to her to create a place where seniors could come relax, feel comfortable about showing their feet, and be honest about their foot care needs.

In her opinion, foot care services for the senior population have been overlooked for too long by many medical professionals at routine visits, and by family members providing care to their loved ones at home. She is proud to say that Senior Feet LLC is now operating in its fifth successful year. She is thankful to God for giving her a vision that helps so many people each day in our community. She is thankful for all of the support from her team, clients, medical professionals, home health care agencies and individuals in the community who spread the word about our services and company every day.

Senior Feet is a company that brings comfort and joy to our aging population, while raising awareness in our community about the challenges seniors, diabetic and disabled persons face each day managing their foot and nail care needs.

"Growth and expansion is in the future for us," she says, but as we grow we look forward to continuing to provide our customers with quality care and superior outcomes.