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Foot Soak & Trim $45.00

For an additional $15.00 upgrade to a pedicure.

This is our most popular service. Your going to love the way your feet look and feel after this service. If you are income restricted but are in need of foot care for a reasonable price. We can mail you out a $10.00 discount card that you can used for the lifetime of service. This discount card can only be used at our Virginia Beach location at  368 N. Newtown Rd #105 only. This discount card is not valid for in home services.

Pedicures $60.00 ( Our prices are more higher than traditional nail salons because we work with all foot types, uses autoclave sterilization and disposable implements and much more to ensure client safety and satisfaction . We service clients who are in wheelchairs, and may have certain  health conditions that may prevent them  from going to a regular nail salon for services. Our clients who choose us for services are not just looking to beautify their feet but  are also looking for a place  with experience technicians that  understand their foot conditions, interested in transformation nail care (such as ingrown toenail prevention ) and who understand  the importance of comfort  and  health of the feet.

Manicures $15.00

Basic Fingernail Trim $12.00 (no polish, no massage)

Gel Manicures $35.00 ( Gel Polish lasts up to 3 weeks or longer)

Callus Reduction $25.00 We do not used a blade or cheese grader when providing this service. Any cutting of the skin is considered surgery and out of our scope of practice to do so  as technicians. Please contact your podiatrist or primary care physician for this treatment.

Dry Skin Leg & Foot Exfoliation $12.00                                           If your having problems with drying skin that flakes off of leg or foot, this a wonderful service to try.

Hygiene Foot Wash $18.00

Additional Services we offer:

Fill-In $27.00 ( this price includes gel polish)

Full Sets $45.00 (and up based on length, shape and design)

Overlay $35.00 w/regular polish 

Acrylic Soak-Offs $15.00( This service is for removal of acrylic or gel nails)

Eyebrow Waxing $8.00

Facial Waxing $8.00 ( Upper Lips, Chin)

Why you should choose us!

* We specialize in Senior, Diabetic & Disabled Pedicure Foot Care services.


* We offer SAFE services to ANYONE in need of preventive foot care in the Hampton Roads Area. 

* We offer Low seating for seniors at our service location and work sites.

* We take our work seriously. Our technicians are patient, gentle and kind.

* We are an In-Home Service Provider.

* We use Disposable Liners for Pedicure Services to prevent against Nail Fungus, Bacteria, and Nail Diseases and Disorders. We throw away our pedicure liners after every use. Never worry about sharing.

* We are able to serve wheel chair clients at our locations or In-Home.

* We provide diabetics with nail care services in between routine visits to the podiatrist.

* We are Licensed, Bonded & Insured.

* We have community resources and contact information to assist you in finding additional help with foot care.